Hotel Hotel Sultan Ahmed.

Golden Hotel: Advantages of Golden Hotel Sultanahmet: The hotel is located in the distinctive and historic Sultanahmet tourist area, which is the first destination for Arab and foreign tourists coming to visit Istanbul. It is also characterized by the presence of commercial and industrial gathering areas close to two areas (Laleh and Bayazid) full of many factories and commercial institutions, which are the main and important destination for most merchants and importers. Whether Europeans or Russians, as well as Arabs and Africans, which gives the hotel the opportunity to flourish in the off-season tourism in the spring and summer, it is a very profitable investment.

Hotel Lale Suite Laren Airport.

Lalea Sweetlari Airport Hotel: Advantages of Lalei Suite Hotel Airport: The hotel is located in the distinctive Tashluk area close to the airport and the metro station directly at zero distance and is close to travelers and tourists from all over the world, as Istanbul Airport receives more than 25 million passengers annually, making it popular throughout the year in winter and summer and is not linked to a season or season Specific climate, it is a very good location for investment

Elite Plaza A Beach Hotel:.

Advantages of Elite Hotel Bellaza a Beach: The hotel is located in the A Beach Istanbul, the European region, the strategic, upscale and wonderful region, close to the beaches, promenade, diving, the Maritime Museum, all shopping malls and international theme parks, close to the airports, and on the metro station Booth in a central and well-known hotel area, a destination for tourists and travelers, close to the famous markets, industrial and commercial areas, and the destination of merchants This area is visited throughout the year in winter and summer and is not linked to a specific season or climatic season, as it is a good location par excellence and very good for investment